Denton is a college town, housing two great big universities: The University of North Texas and Texas Woman's University.

This means there are a lot of students in Denton.  Here are things students like to do:


For those consumerists, there are many shops in Denton.  For those who are looking for UNT themed merchandise, Voertman's is a great place to check out on Fry Street.  There are numerous other clothing stores around the square, as well as a collection of big ol' chain stores at the Golden Triangle Mall.

For the impoverished student, Denton on a Dime can be helpful.


Studying and Coffee

Studying can be awesome if you're scared of failing at life and school.  Favorite study spots near UNT include Big Mike's Coffee on Fry Street, and Banter on the square.

The Cyber Cafe in UNT's Willis Library is another study location.  Oh, and I guess the Willis Library itself.


For those of legal age, Fry Street is a favorite hang out spot.  It has "frat bars", such as The Garage and Side Bar,  slightly more alternative ones, like Cool Beans, and more mixed ones, like Lucky Lou's.

The Fry Street Crawl is a popular activity amongst birthday celebrators.  On one's birthday, with an ID provided, one can acquire a free shot from any bar in Denton.  Young people often take advantage of this and end up vomiting on themselves. 

The Square is an alternative location to crawl through.  It has a greater diversity of bars for all ages.  It is less college centric.


Denton has an epic music scene.  This includes about a bajillion local bands, and an annual music festival held right here in town called 35 Denton.  The New York Times even did an article on our music scene once.  Dunno if that seems important to you or not.


Sports happen at the colleges, such as Dodgeball.