The Zebra's Head's upside down logo is an example of self-referential humor. Because stoners can't get the sign on right. Dur ... but wait. They had to think about putting the sign on upside down to make the joke, so they did do it right, so if stoners were actually incompetent wouldn't the sign be right side up? Now I'm so confused.


113 Fry St between CopyPro Center and Christian Campus Center and across from Cool Beans and Chipotle,


Mon—Thu 10am—11pm

Fri 10am - 12am

Sat 12pm - 12am

Sun 2pm - 10pm

Names of owners/proprietors here

Name changed to Zebra's Head in 1994

Opened as "The Birmingham Balloon Co" in 1966


Payment Method
Cash and credit cards

They have a wide variety of imported and domestic cigarettes, imported and domestic cigars, as well as pipe tobacco, hookah and shisha, They also have a wide variety of glass pipes as well as wood and meerschaum pipes.

The Zebra's Head is the home of the first head shop in Texas, which was called 'The Birmingham Ballon Co.' and was opened in 1966.

Apparently, The King of Late Night, Johnny Carson, mentioned the 'head on his show back in the day.