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If you really want to make some new friends in Denton, get to know these guys--they totally rock!  Since 1944, Cockroaches have been one of Denton's major worldwide exports, and Denton is recognized as being the "Cockroach capitol of the world."  What's more--they're totally free!  If you want to make friends easily in a new town, just look for these fellows--or else they'll come looking for you.

Aww, c'mon, they can't be THAT bad? 



After living in Denton for a few years, you won't even notice them.  In fact, you'll start to view, with some suspicion, any wall that doesn't have at least a few little creeps running around on it.  Just drive by the Chaparral Apartments any summer night, and enjoy the innumerable black speckles on the walls as you drive by.  If you happen to live there, training them is great fun.

The only more egregious pest (that is, worse than the roach) is the cricket, whose population tends to get into the bazillions near the end of summer.