This is DetroitWiki, a publicly editable website about Detroit-related information. The site is a collection of information, memories, facts, figures, and visions of anything local.

To get involved, just start making some changes. Add some information, create a page, edit in corrections.

The details

DetroitWiki is a collaboration between people like you -- any visitor can add information to any page. You can learn more about editing this wiki in Help:Editing. You can also re-use any of the information you find here. All the content is available under a Creative Commons Attribution License. ​

DetroitWiki is not a non-profit, nor is it a structured organization. It's an ad-hoc group of folks who have developed a place to record information.

This project will never require you to create an account, but you help add credibility when you log in. We will never charge a fee to post here, nor do we have any advertisements. We attempt to avoid suspiciously upbeat articles.

The progress & the plan

Our goal is to grow organically. We're starting a push to have 1,000 articles (we had about 500 in April 2012) -- with a significant number of them being fairly thorough, with photos, maps, and good writing. Check out our progress on the dashboard.

See also, Goals.  Feature requests can be put here or anywhere on the site.


Who's behind this?


Tools for working on DetroitWiki