A school for young and expecting mothers in Detroit. The school opened in 1986. It hosts around 250 mothers and 120 children under 6. The school offers special support services, including in-school daycare.

The Academy has a farm on the grounds, with vegetable gardens and livestock, including chickens and goats. Students work in the garden in an integrated science curriculum.

DPS plans to turn the program over to a charter operator or close the school in 2011. As of May 2011, two charter operators had applied and one had dropped out.

On April 15, 2011, several students, alumni, and teachers were arrested at a sit-in protest against the closure of the school. Three were arraigned on June 13, 2011. In June 2011, Rachel Maddow interviewed principal Asenath Andrews.

On June 16, DPS announced that the school would be given to charter authorizer Wayne Regional Educational Service Agency and will be operated by Blanche Kelso Bruce Academy. Blanche chief academic officer Blair Evans said that the school will continue with its current programs at its current site.