Charlie Beckham is the chief administrative officer and a longtime friend of Mayor Dave Bing. He has been an aide to every Detroit mayor since Coleman Young, except for Dennis Archer, and some have called him the "power behind the throne".

A convicted felon, he spent two years in prison in the 1980s after a federal corruption probe.

Previous positions

He was director of the Department of Water and Sewerage for Young.

Beckham has worked for General Motors.

Other people


Detroit -- A judge today refused to remove one of Mayor Bing's top appointees, saying Charlie Beckham's federal bribery conviction more than 20 years ago doesn't preclude him from serving in the administration despite a law that called his appointment into question. Wayne County Circuit Judge Robert L. Ziolkowski said case law didn't support Beckham's removal under state statute and that his interpretation of the law is limited to "public officials and people with public offices."