D3 collects and shares information about the Detroit area. They aggregate, process, and share statistics about "indicators," or evidence that helps assess past, present, and future social conditions.​ Not actually a nonprofit, the organization is a semi-autonomous arm of City Connect Detroit.  Projects have included:

  • Completing the Detroit Parcel Survey, a survey of every residential property in the city, in partnership with U-M's Urban Planning department. 
  • Providing data support for the Urban Innovation Exchange, an effort to profile hundreds of local social innovators
  • Working with neighborhood organizations to collect and process information that helps citizens plan to improve neighborhoods. 

D3 is a member of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership, a consortium of similar groups across the country. 

Originally known as D-ACIS, the Detroit-Area Community Information System. From their brief: 


Funded by the Skillman and Kresge Foundations, the Detroit-Area Community Information System (D-ACIS) was launched in 2009 with the purpose of gathering and disseminating data to those working to create positive change in the City of Detroit and the Detroit region. For decades, foundations, community organizations, researchers, and others in the region, struggled with the task of gathering data and information from a multitude of divergent sources. D-ACIS incorporates features of “neighborhood data systems” or organizations, currently operating in many cities across the country, that concentrate on facilitating the shared, direct, and practical use of data by city and community leaders that ultimately leads to the use of such data to build the capacities of institutions and residents in distressed urban neighborhoods. Championed by the Urban Institute, such systems are part of the National Neighborhood Indicators Program (NNIP); a highly regarded consortium of organizations dedicated to the democratization of data and information for programs, grants, and research. D-ACIS is making great strides in achieving membership in this elite and distinguished program.

Currently: http://datadrivendetroit.org/