Under federal court oversight.

In 1977, the City entered into a federal consent agreement

In July 2011, the City petitioned to end the court oversight. Oakland County objected.

In September 2011, U.S. District Judge Sean Cox denied the City's filing to end the oversight.

In October 2011, Cox ordered a reorganization of the department. The decision keeps current union contracts but allows the department to:

  • Outsource operations
  • Sell assets without a city-wide vote, as the City Charter requires
  • Removes city purchasing, hiring and salary requirements.

In November 2011, Cox blocked an attempt at intervention from AFSCME Council 25, saying the union had waited too long and had participated in the negotiations that lead to the ruling.

2003 article on privatization in Atlanta

Water shutoffs



  • Sue F. McCormick - Director (formerly Pamela Turner)
  • Darryl Latimer - Deputy Director
  • Matthew Schenk -  Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer (resigned in 2013)
  • J Dada - Assistant Director Information Technology & Systems Integration & Operations
  • James George - Assistant Director, Finance
  • Rodney Johnson - Assistant Director, Commercial Operations and Public Affairs
  • Miriam Dixon - General Manager Contracts and Grants
  • Terri Tabor Conerway - Process and Quality Control Manager
  • Cheryl Porter - Assistant Director Water Supply Operations
  • Samuel A. Smalley, P.E. - Assistant Director, Asset Maintenance


  • Woodrow McCarty - Assistant Director Financial Services
  • Ramesh C. Shukla, P.E. - Assistant Director Engineering Services
  • Stephen J. Kuplicki, P.E., J.D. - Assistant Director Wastewater Operations
  • Vacant - General Manager Office of Program Management Assistance
  • George Ellenwood - Assistant Director Public Affairs
  • Board of Water Commissioners

The board is appointed by the mayor, and serve four-year terms.

Four board members are from the city; three are from suburban "wholesale" customers. The City Charter mandates that four must be from Detroit. Members are U.S. citizens and residents of Michigan.


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