Green Garage is a Green Business Incubator that helps triple bottom-line (3D) businesses grow naturally. 

"We believe businesses are living organisms...not machines. We help grow businesses three ways: (1) using a community-based natural design process to help triple bottom-line businesses design their "Seed" (i.e. the core identity of the business from which all growth originates); (2) using a community-based continuous improvement process to improve triple bottom-line outcomes in profitability, waste, energy, water, community wellness, etc; and (3) using 1-to-1 sessions with entrepreneurs to help them evolve their businesses and their relationships."

The Green Garage is home to a sustainable co-working community of around 40 small, businesses. There are several different workspace options, depending on the size and needs of each business, from shared table space to rent-a-desk to customizable office and workshop space. Fees based on workspace selection.