In The Black Suites mission is to evoke positive change in the community and to create a stronger business culture that benefits both consumers and businesses all across the country.



Company Overview

In The Black Suites offers exclusive Downtown Detroit office space to local businesses, nonprofits, and community organizations via commercial office space and virtual offices.


Members include:

  • Advance CPL Academy
  • Beal Construction
  • Continuum Axis
  • Compound Sound Productions
  • Detroit 300 Community Action Team
  • Hashtag Loiter
  • JC Media Company
  • Jekor Creative
  • Love Publicity
  • MLive
  • MicroWorks ED
  • Q Group LLC
  • Really Living
  • Rehabilitative Counseling and Behavioral
  • Siren
  • SMG
  • The Rachel Simone Show
  • Valiant Public Relations & Events
  • Versandra Kennebrew
  • Victory Mobile
  • WillDo Designs