Chief of Staff for mayor Dave Bing as of June 2011. He succeeds Shannon Holmes in that position. Formerly president and CEO of the Bing Group. Lewis regularly plays tennis with Charlie Beckham and Bing. He was a ball boy for the Pistons when Bing was a player.

In March 2011, he was seen as a leading candidate for emergency financial manager of the Detroit Public Schools. He resigned (or was fired) from his position as chief governmental and corporate affairs officer on March 4, 2011, ostensibly in "retaliation" for seeking that position. A 2011 lawsuit by Rochelle Collins accused Bing of instead negotiating that position for him and firing him out of fear of a negative public reaction.

Lewis rejoined the city later in the year after Karen Dumas left. In the week of 25 July 2011, the City was restructured so that all departments report to Lewis, who then reports to Bing.

Lewis also is the CEO of Charter Operations for Cornerstone Charter Schools.