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Below is a list of newspapers that are or were based in Detroit. Most of the listings are historical: that is, very few of these organizations still exist today. Much of this information is from the Library of Michigan's newspaper holdings. The U-M Bentley Historical Library has extensive holdings of Detroit newspapers.

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See also: History of Detroit Newspapers.

Key to publication frequencies

d = daily
w = weekly
m = monthly
bw = biweekly (every other week)
bm = bimonthly (every other month)
sw = semiweekly (2 times a week)
sm = semimonthly (2 times a month)
tr = triweekly (3 times a week)
i = irregular
u = unknown

Tagliche Detroit Abend-post

1868-18uu. German. d.

    • also published as Familien-blatter 1866-1932. w.
    • becomes Detroiter Abend-post 18uu-19uu. d.

Detroit railway advertiser

d 1881-1881

Merges with Detroit hotel reporter (exact title not known)

Becomes Detroit daily railway advertiser and hotel reporter 188u-188u. d.

Becomes Hotel and railway advertiser. 188u-1uuu. d

Advertiser/tribune newspaper family

Holy shmoly.


  • Black alleged news 19uu-19uu. u
  • Detroit Republic 189u-uuuu. u
  • Judgement 19uu-19uu. w
  • CityView 199u-2000. w
  • Detroit Tribune 19uu-19uu. bw
  • Michigan Chronicle 1936-ongoing. w
  • Detroit Herald 1916-19uu. w
  • Detroit Sun 1944-19uu. w
  • The Oakland (?) 1969-19uu. bw
  • Detroit Informer 1897-19uu. w
  • Garvey's Voice 195u-19uu. m
  • Paradise Valley News 193u-19uu. w
  • Detroit Journal 1967-19uu. w
  • Inner-city voice 196u-uuuu. w
  • The Plaindealer 1883-1895. w
  • Detroit Leader 190u-19uu. w
  • Interracial Review 19uu-19uu. m
  • Vanguard 19uu-uuuu. m
  • Detroit Peoples News 192u-19uu [missing apostrophe?]. w

Arabic Newspapers

  • Ad-daleel 194u-19uu. w
  • Leesan al-adl [Voice of Justice] 19uu-19uu d. Becomes Lebanese Gazette 19uu-19uu w.
  • Al-Ettehad [The Union] 1911-19uu. w
  • Nahdat Al-arab [Arabic Progress] 194u-19uu. sw
  • Morning Tribune 1926-19uu. w

Christian Herald Newspaper Family

Detroit and Kalamazoo.

  • Torchlight (Kalamazoo) 18uu-187u m. becomes
  • Herald and Torchlight (Kalamazoo) 1873-1uuu w becomes
  • Christian Herald (Detroit) 1877- w becomes
  • Michigan Christian Herald (Detroit) 1902-1910 w

Citizen Newspaper Family

  • Citizen 189u-189u w becomes
  • Detroit Citizen 189u-1uuu w

Collegian Newspaper Family

  • Collegian 19uu-1924 w becomes
  • Detroit Collegian 1924-19uu w

Constitutional Newspaper Family

  • Constitutional Democrat 1842-1844 w becomes
  • Daily Constitutional 1844-1845 d

Critic Newspaper Family

  • Critic 1889-189u w becomes
  • Detroit Critic 1891-1uuu w, also as Sunday Morning Detroit Critic 189u-1uuu

Democrat and Enquirer

  • Michigan Free Democrat 1852-18uu w merges with
  • Daily Enquirer (no further details) to be
  • Democrat and Enquirer (no further details)


  • Detroit Daily Democrat 185y-1855 d merges with
  • Detroit Daily Inquirer 1854-1855 to become
  • Detroit Daily Democrat and Inquirer 1855-1856 d


  • Northeast Detroiter 1946-1966 w merges with
  • Harper Woods Herald 19uu-1966 to become
  • Northeast Detroiter and the Harper Woods Herald 1966-uuuu

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