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BORN : Burlington, Iowa January 18, 1925

WORK: Elected Councilwoman, City of Detroit -1974 Currently Serving Eighth Term

Detroit City Council President, 1990 -1998, 2002 - 2005 Detroit City Council President Pro Tem, 1978 - 82, 1998 - 2001

Professor Emeritus, 1990 - School of Social Work Wayne State University Detroit, Michigan 48202 EDUCATION: Cornell College, Iowa, B.A. - 1946 University of Southern California, Master of Social Work Degree - 1951 Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters Degree, Cornell College - March, 1995 Doctorate of Humanities, Detroit International School of Ministries - 1998

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Professor, Wayne State University School of Social Work, 1965-1990 Wayne State University Faculty Council, 1970-1973 Chairperson, Wayne State University School of Social Work Faculty, 1968-69, Member of Executive Committee, 1965-1967 Coordinator of First Year Community Social Work Curriculum, 1966-1974 Coordinator of Political Placements, 1970- 73 Consultant to the Mayor of Detroit on Malnutrition and Hunger, 1969 Special Full-time Consultant to the Mayor on Parks and Recreation and Social Services in Detroit, summer of 1968 Adjunct Faculty, Smith College, School of Social Work, 1969-71 Merrill-Palmer Institute Staff, 1954-1956, 1959 Program Coordinator and Social Service Director of the Detroit Foster Homes Project for Emotionally Disturbed Boys, 1963-65 Administrative Consultant to Detroit Foster Homes Project, 1965-67 Conference Chairperson, First National Conference on Emotionally Disturbed Children, 1964-66 Program Director, Brightmoor Community Center, 1959-63. Hired first Black Professional Staff. Organized first integrated groups. Organized Tenants Council at Smith Homes Public Housing. Organized first Federation for Aid to Dependent Children Welfare Rights Organization in Michigan. (First welfare rights group nationally to survive for more than a year) Field Instructor, University of Michigan and Wayne State University Schools of Social Work, 1959-1965 Group Worker, United Cerebral Palsy Association, Chicago, 1956-57 Worked with disabled young adults. Staff Supervisor and Group Organization Director, Metropolitan Detroit Girl Scouts, 1952-54 District and Training Director, Indianapolis Girl Scouts, 1951-52. Developed first integrated girl scout troop and day camp in Indianapolis. Teenage Program Director, YWCA, Seattle, 1946-49. Recreation Director, Japanese Relocation Center (War Relocation Authority), sponsored and paid by National Interrelations Collegiate Council, Poston, Arizona -Summer, 1945 (Concentration Camp) CURRENT COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: Vice President, Detroit Wayne County Health Authority, 2004-present Past Chairperson, SEMCOG, 2003 Member, Executive Committee and Board of SEMCOG 1990-present Advisory Board Member, ACLU of Michigan, 2001- Past Member, Juvenile Crime Enforcement Coalition, 1999-2002 Past Chair of Detroit Hearing, Michigan Assemblies Project (MAPS), 1998-2002 Elder Advisor to Research of the Institute of Gerontology at Wayne State University, 1998-present Member, Stakeholders Board of Healthy Detroit, 1995-present Past Member, Advisory Board of Wayne State University, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, 1990, 2002

Michigan Coalition for Human Rights Honorary Board

Chair, City Council Task Force on Homeless Shelters Member, Legislative and Urban Affairs Committee of Michigan Municipal League, 1993-present Past Member, Board of Directors, The Economic Club of Detroit, 1990-present Past Honorary Co-Chair, Warren/Conner Neighborhood Community Development Coalition, 1985-2002 Board Member, Women in Municipal Government, National League of Cities, 1983-present Member, Advisory Board of Cranbrook Peace Academy, 1988-present Advisory Board of Directors, Community Shares of Michigan, 1995-present Member of Advisory Council of the National League of Cities, 1996-present Member of the Michigan Fair Budget Coalition Past Co-Chair, Detroit Women in Aids Project Past Board Member, Olga Madar Foundation for Participatory Democracy 1999-2002 Past Co-Chair, City Council Task Force on Ethics Chair, City Council Task Force on Housing Honorary Board Member, Adult Well-Being Services Michigan Women's Political Caucus Advisory Board Member, Supportive Housing Agency Honorary Board Member, Triangle Foundation (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender and Allies)

PAST PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION ACTIVITIES: President, National Association of Social Workers, 1975-77 (First woman elected President) Member of Board, 1973-77 Member, House of Delegates of Council on Social Work Education, 1975- 77 American Association for Advancement of Science Council on Social Work Education Founder and Member NASW National PACE Board of Trustees (Political Action), 1976-79 Member, Board of Trustees of Michigan PACE of NASW (Political Action Candidate Election), 1980-82 Chairperson, NASW Public Relations Committee, 1972-75 Founder and Member, Steering Committee of Women in Social Welfare, 1972-74 Delegate to NASW Biannual Delegate Assembly, 1973 and 1975 President, Metropolitan Detroit Chapter of NASW, 1969-71 Chairperson, Michigan Social Work Council, 1965-67 (Legislative Representative, 1965-68; established first social work intern program in lobbying) Founder, National Peace and Disarmament Committee in NASW, 1962-69 Member, AAGW and AASW; Member, Detroit TIACC, 1950 Chairperson, National Task Force on Housing and Urban Affairs, NASW, 1974-75 Nominating Committee, International Federation of Social Workers, 1976-78 Co-Chair, 1984 International Federation of Social Workers, Conference NASW Delegate to IFSW general meetings, 1976, 1984-86 Board Member, Group Health Plan of Southeastern Michigan, 1976-88 IFSW Representative to conduct investigation of social service conditions in Chile, 1978 Member, Executive Committee International Association of Social Workers, 1984-86 Authored International Policy on Women, Adopted, 1987 IFSW Volunteer, United Community Services, Detroit Planning Division, 1987 President, American Orthopsychiatric Association, 1984-85 Chair, American Orthopsychiatric Association, Nominating Committee, Consultant, regarding restructuring of the organization advisory committee, 1985-86. Member, Board & Executive Committee 1983-86 Chair, Advisory Committee to Harleigh Trecker, consultant for study of Detroit Settlements, 1960-63 Member, Personnel Committee, National Federation of Settlements, 1961-64 Vice President, Detroit Federation of Settlements, 1961-63 Co-Chairperson and Founder, Southeast Michigan Coalition for a Fair National Budget, 1982-89 Member, Youth Assistance Advisory Committee, Wayne County Juvenile Court, 1986-89 American Association of University Professors, 1965-90 Member, Nominating Committee, American Orthopsychiatric Association, 1991-92 Board Member, Project Start for ex-offenders, 1987-90 Member, Editorial Advisory Board of Health, Science and the Law. Published by the Institute for Health Policy Analysis of Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, D.C., 1989 Member, Committee on Volunteers, U.S. Committee for UNICEF, 1987-89 Board of South East Michigan Food Coalition and member, Program Committee, 1988-91 Hispanic Economic Club of Michigan Chair, City Council Task Force on Linked Economic Development, 1987-90 Member, Board of New Detroit, Inc., 1990-93 Chair, City Council Recycling Committee, 1990-94 American Public Welfare Association American Society of Public Administrators NATIONAL LEAGUE OF CITIES Advisory Council, National League of Cities, 1996- Board Member, National League of Cities 1994-96 Board Representative, to Human Development Steering Committee, NLC, 1994-96 President, Women in Municipal Government, National League of Cities, 1995; Presidential Theme, "Improving the Economic Condition of Women" Women in Municipal Government, Board, 1983; President, Communications Officer 1992; Second Vice President, 1993; First Vice President, 1994; President, 1995 Chair, Human Development Policy Committee, 1992- Member of Steering Committee, 1983-88 1993-; Vice Chair, 1991 Steering Committee, Local Elected Officials for Social. Responsibility, National League of Cities, 1985-90 Member, Eight member Policy & Legislative Committee, NLC Board, 1994-96 Delegate to "Centralization Vs Decentralization of Mental Health Services" National Institute of Health Delegate to Intergovernmental Health Policy Project, National Institutes of Health, 1987 Presenter, NLC Hot Topics Conference -"Housing Our Homeless", 1988 Presentation at Congress of Cities "Devils Night," 1990 Chair/Moderator at Congress of Cities, "Your Communities Health: What is the Prognosis," 1991 Member Program Development Roundtable, 1992 Delegate to National Council of State Legislators and National League of Cities Leadership Project, "Reforming Mandatory Programs," 1992 Chair/Moderator, Congress of Cities, "Who Will Pay: Overview of Federal Health Care Financing Options," 1992 Delegate to "Summit On Children" National Commission on Children, 1993 Presenter and Delegate to National Forum on Crime & Violence, "Crime Issues Unique to Women," National Crime Prevention Council, 1993 Representative to Conference on Government Labor/Management Relations sponsored by the US Labor Department, 1992 National League of Cities, Delegate to National Commission on Children and National Conference on Prevention of Violence, 1993 NLC Representative to the American Psychological Association Urban Affairs Committee, 1994- Member, Poverty and Urban Affairs Committee, 1993-94 PAST COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES Co-Chair, Enough is Enough, Michigan Coalition for Handgun Control Board of Directors, Hammond Senior Services, 1988-98 Member, Detroit Psychiatric Institute, Citizens' Advisory Council, 1988-96 Member, Board of Detroit Transit Corporation, 1990-98 Board of Trustees of the City of Detroit Employees Benefit Plan, 1994-98. 2002- Chair, Michigan delegation to 5th Conference UN Non-Governmental Organizations in Beijing, 1994-95 Co-Chair, Citizens for Justice Board of Directors, Detroit Children's Aid Society and member Personnel Committee, 1988-90 Chair, Infant at Risk Committee, for Department of Correction and Mental Health, 1988-90 Chair, City Council Task Force on In-Home Child Care Zoning, 1987-89 Chair, City Council Committee on Rent Registration and Housing Chair, City Council Task Force on Health Care Member, Board of New Detroit, Inc., 1990-93 Southwest Detroit Community Mental Health Services, Inc. (Latino Mental Health Center) Member, Citizens for Welfare Reform Member, Steering Committee, Traveler's Aid Homeward Bound Project Member, Advisory Committee of Family Bereavement Center of Detroit Children's Center, 1988-92 Chairperson, Detroit City Council Ad Hoc Task Force on Food and Nutrition, 1974 Board Member, Cornell College Alumni Association, 1986-89 Founder and Co-Chair, Detroit Coalition for a Freeze on Handguns, 1984-89 Member, New Detroit, Inc. Task Force on Human Services 1981, and Chair, Committee on Homeless, 1987-89- Wrote report for NDI on Homelessness Vice President, US Peace Council, 1986-89- Delegate to International Conference .Board Member, Metropolitan Detroit YWCA, 1987-89 Chairperson, Coalition for Better Health Care, 1975-86 (organized after governor cut services, succeeded in getting them restored) UCS Strategic Planning Committee, 1984-86 Member, Michigan State Health Care Coordinating Council, 1980-87 Consultant to UNICEF Child Survival Campaign, 1985-87 Wayne County Community College, Women's Committee, 1987-September 1988 Judge, Jefferson Award, Channel 2 TV , 1983-86 Participant in Detroit Police Department, Crime Prevention Seminar "Strategies for a Better Community", June, 1987 Vice-Chair, Project Health Care, 1981-83 Member, Board of Michigan Children's Charter, 1981-85 Chair, Michigan State Health Coordinating Council Committee on Blue Cross/Blue Shield, 1981-83 Advisory Committee, Detroit Sexual Assault Center, 1976-78 Chairperson and a Founder, Michigan Statewide Nutrition Commission, 1973-83 (appointed by Governor with legislative concurrence. Achieved passage of Michigan law to mandate School Breakfast Programs) Deputy Chair, White House Conference on Families, 1979-81 Board Member, Optometric Institute Chairperson, Consultation Group for Michigan Department of Social Services Physicians' Primary Health Care Plan, 1981-82 Member, Board, Michigan Coalition for Infants, Children and Their Families, 1982 Member, Detroit-Wayne County Juvenile Facilities Net Work Advisory Committee, 1975-81 Chair, City Council Committee on Plant Closings and Relocation, 1980-82 Vice-Chairperson, Detroit Police Commission Committee on Battered Women and Domestic Violence, 1978-81 Founder, Detroit Family Service/Police Department Family Trouble Clinic, 1976- Reduced recidivism substantially in police precinct chosen as the beginning point Member, Detroit Committee on Year of Child Member, IWY Continuing Committee of the National Women's Conference of 1976 Board of Trustees for US District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, Pretrial Service Agency, 1977-81 Member, Detroit Committee on the Year of Child Member, Michigan Joint Gubernatorial Legislative Task Force on Medicaid and Health Care Cost Containment, 1978-79 Founder and Chairperson, City of Detroit Task Force on Hunger and Malnutrition (appointed by Council President and Mayor), 1969-74 preparing and presenting testimony before state and national legislative committees Member, Wayne County Committee on Hunger, 1972-73 Consultant to National Child Nutrition Project, 1972-74 United Community Services Health Care Committee Advisory Committee, Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce and Michigan Bell Telephone Company, Feed the Hungry Project,1981-83 Commissioner, Detroit Commission on Children and Youth ( co-author of plan for Detroit Delinquency Prevention Centers) 1968-71 Judge, Michigan Women's Hall of Fame Awardees, 1983 Delegate, First Constitutional Convention on Health Care, Philadelphia, October 24, 1983, Sponsored by Hahneman University Planning Committee and Delegate to Peace Dialogues, 1982-83 University of Vienna Center for Peace and Conflict Studies Member, National Epilepsy Foundation of America Committee to implement the President's Commission Report, 1975-77 Consultant, Chamber of Commerce Retreat on Hunger, 1985 Chairperson, Youth Citizenship and Education Committee of Detroit Commission on Children and Youth, 1964-68 Member, Detroit Youth Opportunity Council, 1967-68- Chairperson, Committee on Recreation and Social Services (Report published in 1967-laid out plan for community involvement and access for minorities and poor people to social services, recreation and cultural institutions) Consultant to Michigan State Board of Education and HEW Office of Education, 1966 Delegate, World Assembly for Peace & Nuclear Disarmament, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1983 Member UCS -Chamber of Commerce Committee on Hunger, 1986-88 and Member, Legislative Subcommittee Policy Resources Inc., Project on Chronically Mentally III and the Homeless, NIMH & IHPP , 1986-88 Delegate, World Congress of Women and Parliamentarian's Session, Moscow, June 1987 Long Range Planning Committee and Board Consultant, American Orthopsychiatric Association, 1987-88 Consultant to Federation for Aid to Dependent Children, 1962-67 Member, Senior Action Coalition, 1970-74 Charter Member, Citizens for Better Care, 1970 ( consumer group for long-term care patients) Advisory Committee, Special Detroit Recreation Project on Aging, 1968 Board, Federation of Detroit Community Councils, 1960-65 Pitcher Community Council, 1958-65 Board and Executive Committee Member and Personnel Committee, Metropolitan Detroit YWCA,1972-74 Delegate to National Founding Convention, National Women's Political Caucus, 1971-73 Detroit Community Relations Commission Advisory Committee on the Status of Women, 1970-73 Spokeswoman, Michigan Democratic Party Women's Caucus, 1972- 74 (Developed first social work intern with the Caucus reorganized caucus) International Women's Year Conference -Non-Governmental Organization Observer (NASW and International Federation of Social Workers), Mexico City, 1975 Delegate -Houston Conference of lWY, 1978 Organized and Chair of Detroit Task Force on Rape, 1974-75 (Designed and initiated City's Police Department Rape Crisis Center, first in country supported by city money) Founder and Chairperson, Advisory Committee to State Senator Coleman A. Young 1964-74 Coordinator and designer of 4th Senatorial District Legislative Conference, 1965-71, for Senator Coleman A. Young Chairperson, 13th District Young Democrats, 1954-55 (organization endorsed and successfully elected first Black from Michigan to US Congress, Charles Degas, Jr.) Organized and served as adviser to the Federation for Aid to Dependent Children in 1962, (recipients working for improvements in the welfare system, first in country to last more than one year, achieved removal of grants ceilings) Founding Committee and Executive Committee Member Urban Alliance, 1968-70 (to endorse minority candidates for public office) Member, Executive Board, 17th District Democratic Party of Michigan, 1969-74 Michigan Democratic State Central Committee, 1970-73 Chair and Charter Member of the Liberal Conference of 17th District Democratic Party of Michigan, 1971-73 (Goals were to elect more Blacks to leadership in District, democratize party, and to end the war in Vietnam) Chair, Alternative for Girls (Alternatives for Juvenile Prostitutes) Community Advisory Committee,1987-89 Defendant in lawsuit regarding using her maiden name in running for office. Court ruled in my favor establishing a legal precedence in Michigan law, 1972. Arrested for civil disobedience at South African Embassy in Washington, DC protesting apartheid, 1985 Arrested for civil disobedience in Detroit newspaper strike, 1996 MEMBER-CURRENT American Civil Liberties Union American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO American Orthopsychiatric Association - Fellow Charter Member of Academy of Certified Social Workers Coalition of Labor Union Women Citizens for Better Care Detroit African-American History Museum, 1000 Club Member Detroit Economic Club Detroit Historical Society Detroit Urban League Detroit Women's Forum Friends of Belle Isle Friends of Detroit Public Library Founders Society, Detroit Institute of Arts Gamma Phi Delta Sorority Japanese American Citizens League, Life Member League of Women Voters Michigan Democratic Party Women's Caucus Michigan Historical Society Michigan League for Human Services Michigan Organization for Human Rights, Board Member N.A.A.C.P. - Life Member National Council of Negro Women - Life Member National Organization of Women National Trust for Historic Preservation National Women's Political Caucus Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Women's Economic Club

AWARDS Alabama A & M University, "Councilwoman of the Year," 2004 New Bethel Baptist Church, First "Silver Saint Award," 2004 Bridging Communities Senior Celebrity Award, 2004 Detroit Homeownership Counseling Collaboration, June 24, 2004 Irene M. Auberline Award, 2000 Federal Bar Association, The Wade Harnpton McCree, Jr., Award, 1999 Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee Civil Liberties Award, 1999 Groundwork Discipleship Award, 1999 People Who Care About People With AIDS, 1998 American Indian Health Association, Silver Eagle Award, 1998 WAND Peace Award, 1998 Women's Justice Center, 2nd Annual Image Award, 1998 Detroit International School of Ministry, Doctorate of Humanities Degree, 1998 Community Courageous Women Award, 1998 The Golden Apple Award, Roeper School, 1998 Regional Ambassador Award, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, 1998 Board of Directors Award for Public Service, Alzheimer's Association, 1998 "Bread & Roses" Award, University of Michigan, Labor Studies Center, Annual Michigan Summer School for Women Workers, 1997 Corktown Consumer Co-op - Support of Detroit Neighborhood NASW Presidential Award for Exemplary Service to the Social Work Profession, 1997 American Association of Retired Persons, 1997 Michigan Women's Hall of Fame, 1997 Trailblazer Award, Campfire Girls & Boys, 1996 NBC LEO Service Award, National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials, 1996 Appreciation, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1996 National Lawyers Guild, Justice Award, 1995 Outstanding Public Service Award from Detroit/Wayne County Homeless Action Networks, 1995 Certificate of Appreciation, Planned Parenthood Federation of American, 1995 Michigan Federation of Teachers, Walter Bergman Civil Rights Award (in name of Freedom Bus Rider), 1995 Honorary Citizenship, Toyota City - Japan, 1995 Detroit Lawyers Guild, Justice Award for Activism and Lifelong Advocacy for the 1st Amendment, 1997 Doug Lent Award, Peace Action of Michigan, 1995 American Lung Association of Michigan, "Woman of the Year" February, 1995 West Indian American Association, 1994 Humanitarian Award, Wolverine Boys Association, 1993 Palestinian Aid Society National Award Save Our Black Youth (Soby Award) Rose and Shmarya Kleinman Memorial Award, Citizen of the Year, 1991 WXYZ TV Channel 7 - Outstanding Women of Year, 1991 Keep the Dream Alive Martin Luther King, Jr. Award, St. Anthony's Church, 1991 George C. Crockett Award, 1990, Michigan Labor Committee on Central America The Good Soldier Award, Christ Temple A.M.E. Church, November, 1988 United Nations Association, U.S.A. Detroit Chapter, November, 1988 Helen Wisner Award and Lectureship, Tulane University, 1984, Subject: Welfare Top Ladies of Distinction, 1989 Who's Who in America, 1978 - Present Certificate of Merit, Mayor Jerome Cavanagh, 1967 Award of Merit, Federation for Aid to Dependent Children, 1965 Girl Scout Fellowship, 1950-51 (one of two in the nation) Certificate, Federation for Aid to Dependent Children, 1966 Who's Who of American Women and Who's Who in the Midwest Social Worker of the Year -1974, Metropolitan Detroit Chapter NASW Cornell College of Iowa Alumni Achievement Award, 1974 Citizenship Award, Local 22, UA W, 1975 Feminist of Year -August, 1974, NOW 10 Most Influential Women in City of Detroit - Detroit Free Press, 1975 Most popular and trusted politician in Detroit from Detroit Metro Times Newspaper, 1992 Executive of the Year Award, 1991, by the Detroit Executives Association Peace and Justice Award of 1992 from the Union of Palestinian Women's Association N.E. Guidance Center Joe Young, Sr. Leadership Award, 1991 Outstanding Leadership Award - American Society of Women Accountants of Detroit, November, 1975 Michigan A.H.A. Hospital Social Work Directors, 1976 Women's Committee UAW Local 235, Exemplary Service, 1977 Current Topic Study Club, "Concern for all Children", 1978 YWCA Leadership Award, 1979 President Jimmy Carter Award for Serving as Deputy Chair, White House Conference on Families, 1980 Latino Caucus New Detroit Superior Concerns Award, 1980 Detroit Board of Education, Honored Citizen, 1981 Franciscan Interfaith Group, Concerned Citizen of the Year, 1981 Michigan Association of Colored Women's Clubs, 1981 American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Award, 1981 ACLU Civil Libertarian Award, 1982 Business and Professional Women, Woman Of The Year Award, 1985 Cornell College, Distinguished Alumni Lecturer, 1986 Detroit Metropolitan Chapter of American Society for Public Administration, Recognition of Excellence in Public Administration, 1986 Y.W.C.A. Hall of Fame Award, 1986 Detroit of the Year, Japanese American Citizens League, 1986 Michigan Federation of Teachers, Outstanding Leadership and Service, 1987 Rosa Gragg Club Award, 1986 American Citizens for Justice Award, 1984 Michigan NASW for Founding Political Placements for Social Work, Students, 1986 Certificate of Appreciation, MACOI, 1987 Community Head Start of Catholic Social Services Employees, 1981 Women Lawyer's Association of Michigan, 1980 Golden Heritage Award, Little Rock Baptist Church of Detroit, 1985 Dr. George Hermann Derry Award, Marygrove College September 26, 1987 (For Accomplishments in Moral and Social Leadership in the Community) Whitney M. Young, Jr. Memorial, April 1987 Southern Illinois University, School of Social Work, Carbondale Michigan Organization for Human Rights Award, October 15,1987 Woman of the Year, Michigan Business and Professional Women, 1985 PRESENTATION-PAPERS "Serving Multi-Problem Families, National Federation of Settlements," 1962 "Defining Roles for Nonprofessionally Trained Staff," NFS, 1965 "Progress Report on an Experiment in Foster Care for Emotionally Disturbed Children," Ohio State Welfare Conference, 1965 Keynoter, Regional NASW Social Action Conference "War, Racism, and Poverty--And Social Work's Role," Joint Conference, University of Wisconsin and Southeastern Wisconsin NASW, 1968. Panel member, Bell Curve, "A Public Official's view of its impact on public policy," American Orthopsychiatric Association, National Conference, Chicago, 1995. "Social Work Traditions and The Future," NASW, Buffalo, New York, 1969 "Accountability in Social Work," National Conference on Social Welfare, Atlantic City, 1973 "Human Services, The Current Situation," American Orthopsychiatric Association, San Francisco, April, 1982 "US Policy Towards Central America: 'The Critical Questions,'" Coalition for a Foreign and Military Policy, April 25, 1981 "The Implications for Mental Health of the Catholic Bishops Pastoral on the Economy," 63rd Annual Meeting of American Orthopsychiatric Association, 1986, Chicago, Illinois 9th International Symposium of Social Work, Tokyo, Japan, Abstract Published, 1988 "Social Work Models for Achieving Harmony and Peace" NASW Conference on Women, 1986, "Women Maintaining the Faith and Values in Politics," Atlanta, Georgia "Job Security and National Security: Labor and the Arms Race," November 11, 1983 Labor Studies Center and Labor Program Service, Institution of Labor and Industrial Relations at University of Michigan "Can The Cities Survive," Cornell College Alumni, Lecturer and visiting faculty member, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, 1986 "Current Trends and Issues in Human Services," University Southern Illinois at Carbondale, April 1987 "Nutrition Problems Among The Poor in Detroit," Report to Mayor Roman S. Gribbs and Common Council President Mel Ravitz, July, 1970 Detroit City Council - "Harriet Tubman and Winnie Mandela, Their Legacy for Detroit," 1987 Grey Panthers, Federal Budget and Senior Citizens, 1987 Christian TV Network Program on the Homeless, 1988 AOA, Moderator, 1987, Workshop on Children's Fear of the Nuclear Threat, 1987 AOA, Institute Faculty, "The Advocacy Process in the Context of Social Change," Annual Meeting, March 25-26, 1987 Municipal Planning and Policy Making, American Society of Public Administration, Midwest Conference, October 8, 1983 Chicago Veterans Administration, Social Work Institute, "Self-Esteem in the Elderly," April 15, 1988 University of Dayton - Keynote Speaker, State Alumni Conference April 22, 1988 National League of Cities, Hot Topics in City Government Speaker and Video Taping - "Housing Our Homeless," March 19, 1988 - May 20, 1988 Black Journal, 25 years later Martin Luther King, Jr., WTVS Channel 56, June 20, 1988 Oakland County, Department of Social Services - Keynote Address Management Director's In Service Training - July 20, 1988 Cleveland NASW Leadership Conference - Keynote Address "NASW, Past, Present, and Future," August 24, 1988 University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma - Annual Alumni Conference Keynote Address and Paoer - "Homelessness" - Videotaped for classroom use - September 16, 1988 Social Workers World Conference: IFSW - Stockholm Sweden, "The New Conservatism and Social Work: Privatization of Social Services and Health Care," July 27, 1988 Current situation and implications for the field, University of Michigan, School of Social Work Graduation Address, December, 1988 NASW, Augusta, Georgia Chapter - Annual Meeting - Keynote Address -"Social Workers: Tourguides for the Homeless," March 21, 1989 TESTIMONY Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians, Chicago, Illinois, September 22, 1981


House Appropriations Committee April 6, 1976, Block Grants for Medical & Social Services in the Federal Budget

House Committee on Education and Labor March 24,1975, Full Employment March 26, 1980, Subcommittee on Secondary Education, Nutrition Programs October 23,1979, Shorter Work Week

Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime February 23, 1979, Juvenile Delinquency Subcommittee on Labor Standards

House Ways and Means Committee Impact of Reaganomics on Detroit and Michigan, December 8, 1981

House Subcommittee on Aging Condition of Black Aging in Detroit, 1986 David Bonnior, Hunger, August 12, 1983 Legislation and National Security Subcommittee and the Subcommittee on Government Information, Justice and Agriculture Hearing on the Impact of the Administration's War on Drugs, December 14, 1989

US. Congress Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control "Substance Abuse and Enterprise Zones," Representing NLC, June 30, 1992 U.S. SENATE

Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs, April 21, 1977, on Community Development

National Consumer Cooperative Bank Board, January 30, 1980, on Loans for Cooperatives

Commission on Wartime Relocation & Internment of Civilians, September 22, 1981

USDA, February 6,1979, on Competitive Foods Regulations HEW, Region 5, October 19,1977, Health Planning. MICHIGAN LEGISLATURE Revision of Juvenile Code, December 13, 1976 Medicaid, May 2, 1977 Omnibus Nursing Home Bill, July 22, 1977 Implementation of Headlee, June 14, 1979 Regulations for Adult Foster Care Facilities, October 2, 1980 1982 Displaced Homemaker Legislation, June 3, 1977 Michigan State Plan for Aging, July 17,1981 Michigan State Insurance Commission, Blue Cross/Blue Shield Hospital Reimbursement Program, June 22,1978 Michigan House Appropriations Committee, 1991, Impact of State Budget Cuts Adult Foster Care Regulations, Senate Committee on Mental Health, July 1993 Welfare Reform, Michigan Legislature, 1995 Rent registration in Michigan 1995 (opposing state elimination of local rental registration laws) BOOKS AND PUBLISHED PAPERS "Lobbying and Social Work: National Conference on Social Welfare/, Chicago, 1970, (Published in Social Work Journal-January, 1972) I/The Evolving Role of Social Workers in Sociopolitical Federation of Social Workers", San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 11, 1976 (Published in International Social Work) "Women, Work and Social Welfare ", monograph published by Tulane University. School of Social Work, 1984 "Privatization", Detroit College of Law Review, Winter 1983 "Planning for Mental Health: The Immediate Agenda," American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, Vol. 45, #1, January, 1986 "Changing Relationships Between Women & Men in the Developed Countries," Nuss, Shirley and Mahaffey Proceedings of Eighth International Symposium of the International Federation of Social Workers-August, 1984 Montreal, Canada. Published, 1986 "Political Action in Social Work," Encyclopedia of Social Work, 18th Edition, 1987, NASW, Silver Springs, MD Forward in The Southeastern Michigan Alternatives Lifestyle Resource ~, 1986, Detroit, Michigan Contributing Editor, "Social Work Dictionary 1987 Introduction. To "Civil Rights and Civil Liberties in the Michigan Constitution and in Michigan, " Harold Norris, 1984 Wayne State University Social Welfare, BSW Directors Publication, "Fulfilling the Promise: Accreditation, Education and Practice, Social Work, Social Justice, Social Policy," 1988 "Social Work Models for Achieving! Harmony and Peace," Abstract, International Federation of Social Work, Symposium Tokyo, Japan, 1987 Michigan Metro Girl Scout Council, The Rainbow Book, Consultant, November, 1988. "Hunger in Michigan", Mahaffey, Maryann in Henrickson, W.W., Editor, Detroit Perspectives. Crossroads and Turning Points, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, 1991 Mahaffey and Hanks, Co-editors, Practical Politics, Social Work and Political Responsibility. NASWI, Silver Springs, Maryland, 1982 (includes two articles by Mahaffey, "Lobbying and Social Work", and " A Social Worker-Politician creates a New Service") Henrickson, Wilma, ed. Perspectives on Detroit. Wayne State University Press. Detroit. MI. 1991 "Hunger in Michigan," Mahaffey, Maryann in Henrickson, W.W., Editor, Detroit Perspectives, Crossroads and Turning Points, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 1991. CONFERENCES AND IN-SERVICE EDUCATION UN Women's Conference in Beijing, Chair, Michigan Delegation, 1995 (Presentation on panel in sessions for Women and Global Politics and Future Global Network) Keynoter, Social Workers and Public Policy: Visions and Strategies Albany, New York; Airplay, 1992 Chair and Organizer, Workshop on "Women in Decision Making in the Political Process" for the NGO Women's Conference, Vienna, Australia, February 22-23, 1990; in cooperation with UN Commission on the Status of Women Graduation Address, University of Michigan, School of Social Work, May 5, 1990 Democratic Socialists of America, New Directions Conference, May 4, 1986 Invitational Address, NASW and Hunter College, "Common Core of Concern for Social Programs and Social Justice of Social Work and Trade Unions", May 10, 1986 Invitational Panel, Canadian Newspaper Editors, Canadian/US Relations, June 1986 Chair, Panel on Poverty, Michigan Women's Assembly, June 28-29,1986 Invitational Presentation, Michigan Psychiatric Association Annual Conference, August 1, 1986 Study Tour, Health Care in the Soviet Union, 1986