Paczki Day was February 21, 2012.

Traditional Polish pastries, associated with using up all of the good ingredients in the house before Lent. Like big jelly doughnuts -- but richer. In the past couple decades, Paczki Day has spread out from Hamtramck to become a tradition in the Detroit area and across Michigan.

(Singular: paczek, but nobody ever says that.)

The pronunciation of the word is debated; locals are apt to say punch-key or poonch-key, though a more accurate Polish pronunciation can be heard here.

Where to get them

Many grocery stores (e.g. Kroger, Meijer, Buschs) sell large jelly doughnuts as paczki on Paczki Day, but they're posers. Real ones come from Hamtramck.

For a field trip to Hamtramck

If you are going to Hamtramck for Paczki Day, some bakeries to stake out at 5am include:


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