The Peoples Water Board is coalition of organizations (labor, social  justice, environmental, conservation) working together to protect our  water from pollution, high water rates, and privatization. The People's Water Board is working to implement the original Water Affordability Plan, which can be viewed here: For more information, visit

A number of PWB members were instrumental in launching the new website – a website that tracks national, state and local legislative efforts to ensure clean, affordable water for all.

The Flint Water Crisis Has Lessons for All of Us! We all  deserve safe, Clean and affordable water. Honor World Water Day on March 22. Go to Lansing to be part of a big rally at 10 am, in front of the Capitol. Bring signs with messages for our  legislators.  Water is a Human Right!!- Move Those Bills!! -- We Deserved Clean Affordable Water Make The Water Package Flow !! Wear Blue or get a new  World Water Day tee shirt in Lansing..

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For March 2016:

Central Methodist Church in Detroit at 8am or you can carpool with a friend)

2. Call Rep. Lee Chatfield TODAY at 517-373-2629


1. Water is a human right for all of Michigan's people;

2. Water crises in Detroit, Highland Park and Flint call for solutions for ALL of Michigan's people;

3. Give Michigan legislators a chance to discuss sensible water reforms;

4. I urge you to hold hearings in your Local Government committee on these bills: HB 5101, 5094, 4097, 5122, 5178, 5110, 5177 and 5093.

When you call or email Rep. Lee Chatfield, please report your call/email and Rep. Chatfield's response, by emailing the Peoples Water Board at [email protected] so we can track our impact. Thank you.

This Alert was developed by Randy Block on behalf of the Peoples Water Board and is posted on MUUSJN Facebook page.  Share with friends.