Techno Boulevard

The emergence of techno occurred in Detroit in the late 1980’s. Techno Boulevard is located near Eastern Market on the intersection of Gratiot and Russell St. It housed famous record labels and studios such as Juan Atkin’s Metroplex, Kevin Saunderson’s KMS, and Derrick May’s Transmat who were also known as the Belleville Three Due to the proximity to one another, Techno Boulevard allowed DJs to learn from one another and fine tune their skills by remixing each other’s material. Furthermore, due to digital recording techniques were not common and most of the recordings were put on reel-to-reel tape, it helped with the time consuming job of editing tape, “as young inspiring DJs were only too happy to perform as it meant becoming part of the process—and sometimes even getting small credits on a label.” (Sicko, 55) Today it is home to vacant buildings and some other shops.

References and Further Readings

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