A New York real estate developer and booster who specialized in revitalizing historic downtown areas. His work focused on renewing existing buildings. In interviews, he stated his preference for unique tenants over chains. He died on September 11, 2012, in New York at age 68.

Goldman was widely reported to have "saved" SoHo (in the 70's); South Beach, Florida (in the 80's); and Wall Street (in the 90's). In the 2000s, the NYT reported that he planned to come to Philadelphia; by 2004, he owned 20 properties in the city and was researching how to resume normal pedestrian flow. He was 56 in 2000, when his company, Goldman Properties, owned 375 properties across the country.

In late 2011, Detroit newspapers began reporting that Goldman was interested in investing in Detroit. In the first week of December, he said he was about 90 days away from making a major investment. No further news emerged.