George (1910 - 1974) and Leslie (1917 - 1984) York recorder a number of country hits while living in Detroit intermittently between ca. 1938 and 1953. Born in Louisa, Kentucky, the York Brothers played guitar and sang in close harmonies like the popular brother acts of the period (the Delmore Brothers, Monroe Brothers, etc.). Their first single, "Hamtramck Mama," was released in 1939 by the Universal Record Company on E. Jefferson Avenue. Their songs were released by or recorded at Fortune and Mellow in Detroit (who produced the Hot Wax label), King Records in Cincinnati, Bullet in Nashville, and Decca.

The York Brothers country boogie style, a precursor to rockabilly, combined elements of hillbilly, jazz and blues music. Some of their singles include "Motor City Boogie," "Detroit Hula Girl," and "Highland Park Girl."