Let's make the Users/ pages non-oldschool-lame.

  • Avatars for users (via gravatar)
    • UI for changing gravatar email address
    • ..part of a general "User settings" page, which doesn't currently exist.
    • Could add this into the UserProfile model.
    • Display avatar on Recent Changes, edit history pages.
  • List of most recent editors to a page at the bottom of a page.
  • User page
    • Users/<name> should route to a new UserProfile view, which embeds the content of the Page(name="Users/<name>") inside of it, but also has some structured information about the user.
    • Display the avatar for the user
    • Display the most recent edits the user's made
    • ..and link to a new view for paging through all of the edits for the user.



OSM has very nice user profiles that encourage new users to add their location so that they can see who is editing nearby. Once you do this, you get a very nice activity feed along with a map of nearby contributors: