Misc notes

  1. Create an EBS snapshot of the two EBS volumes on wikispot.org.
  2. Create an AWS image of the boot EBS snapshot and start an m1.large instance using it.  Attach and mount the EBS database volume.
  3. Create 100GB of swap space.
  4. Run the export.py script for pages, files, maps.
  5. Create an m1.large instance running Ubuntu 12.10 with EBS storage:
    1. ec2-run-instances ami-fe002cbb -k ${EC2_KEYPAIR} -t m1.large

  6. Install according to the INSTALL instructions for dev installs.

    1. Make sure and turn off standard_conforming_strings in postgresql.conf

  7. Run the syc_import process according to the instructions at the top of the file.

  8. Fix file errors with fix_null_bytes.py and vim (syntax highlighting off)

  9. Delete the "AnonymousUser" account that was pulled in:

    1. from django.contrib.auth.models import User

    2. u = User.objects.get(username='AnonymousUser')

    3. u.userprofile.delete()

    4. u.delete()

    5. syncdb

  10. Clear out old thumbnail data (may or may not be an issue):

    1. from sorl.thumbnail.models import *

    2. KVStore.objects.all().delete()

At end:

  1. TODO: add this to the import script:
    1. from django.contrib.auth.models import User
    2. if User.objects.filter(email=''):
    3. u = User.objects.get(email='')
    4. u.email = '[email protected]'
    5. u.save()
    6. # kill the stupid account names people may have made:
    7. if User.objects.filter(username='AnonymousUser'):
    8. u = User.objects.get(username='AnonymousUser')
    9. u.username = 'AnonymousUser2'
    10. u.save()
  2. Rebuild search index - localwiki-manage rebuild_index