This is a place for us to scheme, imagine and plan the future of LocalWiki's technical infrastructure.  Some major topics:

LocalWiki API

For now, please see the LocalWiki API Documentation here.

LocalWiki Backend Server

The LocalWiki backend server is a Django-based mostly Python project. You’ll probably want to get up to speed on our knowledge prerequisites if you’re not already.

LocalWiki Backend Server information can be found here, including how to set it up locally for development and testing.

Chatting about code or tech stuff

  • LocalWiki development mailing list - A good place to discuss large code changes. TODO: set up a new dev mailing list
  • Lots of discussion and planning happens on GitHub here.
  • IRC channel: #localwiki on Because the project is just getting started, things are moving rather quickly. IRC is a great way to quickly chat about functionality and plans!


See our Planning page.