This page is for figuring out what the future of internationalization on the new LocalWiki platform will be.

Basic UI

The basic site UI can be localized into different languages fairly easily, as we've done before.  We can allow per-user language switching along with a default language for a given LocalWiki region.

Pages in different languages

How can we allow different languages within the same region?  E.g. allow Spanish and English pages for the same information inside of Oakland?  Or have some pages in English in a Japanese city, but most pages in Japanese?

could be in the default language of the region, in this case, English. or

would be the Dolores Park page in Spanish, with the same Map as the English page.

would be the 'Dolores Park' page in Spanish.


(or subdomains for languages, doesn't much matter in this case)

How to link together the different-language pages?

and (defaults to because the region is 'en' by default)

We could have some kind of 'language' button in Info or Edit that lets you designate a page in a different language as being the 'same' as this page?

(more - implementation)

Region.  Not 'in' any particular language, but has different full_names for different languages which can act as aliases.

Page ---> Region

Page ---> Language.  We mark a page as being in a particular language.

Page --(M2M)-> Page, designate other translations of this page.

Map ---> Region.  Maps are not in any language, but are connected to a region.

Map --(M2M)-> Page.  Maps can be attached to different pages in different languages.

Do we list all the pages in all languages on Recent Changes, All Pages, etc?

First stab: quick and dirty implementation

  1. Per-region default languages
  2. Language of the region determines the UI language.
  3. No two-pages-in-different-languages in the region yet.