A region has a set of admins, and that set are allowed to set permissions on pages, maps, etc.

We shouldn't use the Django admin for this because it's too leaky -- there's far too much extra detail everywhere.

  • Done. Set permissions on pages/maps/etc for a given user.
  • Wont fix: Create groups of users, and set permissions based on those groups.
    • It seems like this per-group permission stuff isn't really used, even in Davis.  Probably best to axe it to keep the implementation simple here.  We can always create something like this later if needed.
  • Done. Ban users.  Need something different from the current Banned group, which acts globally.
  • Done. Add / remove admins.
  • Done. Set region-wide settings
    • Default region language
  • Done. Cover photo should use an is_region_admin check.

Possible implementation

We want to keep global permissions / adminship for things like blocking spammers, horribly evil people, etc.  "Admins" here would be LocalWiki volunteers rather than per-LocalWiki admins, and wouldn't e.g. set content policy.