There's a few different ways to make the LocalWiki more mobile friendly.  Major possible approaches are:

  1. Make the web frontend more mobile friendly, either through a custom mobile site or a responsive design.
  2. Make a dedicated app, either using something like PhoneGap (using HTML/CSS/JS) or native iOS/Android.

These approaches aren't mutually exclusively.  #1 is easier, cheaper and probably the most immediate benefit, so let's attack that first.


Goal: mobile-friendly version of localwiki sites.  First reading, then full editing support.

Individual problem areas:

  • Editor
    • Latest CKEditor has some mobile support, at least on iOS.W
    • We should explore a vastly simplified approach for mobile contributions - e.g. just show a simple "comment-style" box.
  • Map and map editing
    • There is mobile support in OpenLayers.  We may just have to turn it on.  There's also mobile editing support but we have some customizations that might get in the way.

Misc thoughts

start w/ a good web-based mobile interface, then maybe explore making custom apps (not worth initial effort, in all likelihood).

Look at

Django-specific stuff:

(For the other Django project I've been immersed in lately, an assumption/requirement is that we use the same URLs for mobile and "normal" views, instead of doing the thing. I like this requirement.)

Consider designing the default theme to be responsive to browser size. Some resources:

Here's a first pass at making the sapling theme responsive using the skeleton css framework:

Things like images, tables, and the edit page still need significant work.