NOTE: this is just a brain dump

very useful for local level. connection between real world and internet world. constant problem w/ local web is verified real-world existence / trust. constant issue w/ wiki as a trustable medium. ideas around this.

  • easiest way to implement a reputation system may be to implement a 'real' member system via payments. a'la somethingawful and quality. and craigslist.
  • obvious other ideas: an attack-resistant trust-network a'la advogato. we could even do something super basic -- just verified existence or something. probably easy, shitty ways to make this work reasonably well. may not even be needed in other communities. bona fide advogato/pagerank approach would be fun, though!

"Check out CouchSurfing for an example of how to solve this problem. Craig is just talking about how to make it universal rather than site-specific.

CouchSurfing provides enough trust data that you'll have someone into your home based on a web profile. Some of the mechanisms include personal references, friend lists, community awards (that are meaningful and hard to get), and unrevokable vouches." Note: couchsurfing is a non-profit.


they charge a small donation fee to verify people! brilliant!

We can set this all up so it's not going to screw with our tax-exempt status as well