The Annals of Dun Laoghaire Wiki was set up by Tom Conlon in late March 2014, following up on a request by Geraldine Manley for a better way for local people to record pieces of local history, images, videos and other memorobelia.  Others at the inagural meeting in Tom Dunphy's were Michael Goodwin, Alan Dunphy, Hazel Hillard Lacy, and Ronan Beirne

In recent years there has been an increasing following for local history on social media, including Facebook sites and discussion forums. These sites are great for discussion, comment, banter and fun - but the information is not well organised for easy access for the longer term.  So we are hoping that after posting on these sites, people might also post historic information here.

Our hope is that in a few years, we will have a massive library of local informarion contributed by local people and/or by the Dun Laoghaire diaspora, and that anybody who wants to, can find information on their local street or road or on local events and local people.

Writers:-  Anbody can be a writer on the Annals.  You can write pieces for the Annals, regarding things that happened last week, last year, or last century. Please do it.

Readers:-  Please enjoy our pages.  Please regard it as only one source of local history information.  And where we have something wrong, please correct it.