Add a captionCarrickbrennan Lawn is a group of about 60 4-bedroom and 5 bedroom detached houses in a cul-de-sac off Monkstown Avenue.

Carrickbrennan is an old name for the Monkstown area, and is shown (as Carrig Brena) on old maps from the 16th century.  Carrickbrennan Lawn was initially named "Carrickbrennan", but the suffix of  "- Lawn" was added a couple of years later.

Carrickbrennan Lawn was built on the site of two historic houses, Yapton and Greenbank, together occupying over 12 acres.

Yapton, the older of the two houses had various owners through the year, including the families of Pim, Hone, Baggot and others.  In 1945, the house was acquired by the Religious of the Sacred Heart nuns who opened a girls school there.

Greenbank was the family home Jonathan Pim, and later of the of the Martin family who had a builders providers business (T & C Martin).  One of the members of the Martin family was Mary Martin, who became Mother Mary Martin, foundress of the Medical Missionaries of Mary.  In 1949, Greenbank was acquired by the Religious of the Sacred Heart nunsto extend their newly extablished school.  A new school was built in 1953.  By 1965, the school had 380 pupils, and needed a new church.

However, by the mid 1970s, it had been decided to close the school, and in a complex series of transactions, the site was acquired by Lansdowne Construction Ltd, a company within the Brennan and McGowan group of companies

The Architects  of Carrickbrennan Lawn were J. T Gibbons & Associates.

On 5th April 1977, planning permission was granted for the construction of 61 houses on the site.