On the 1850 maps, Crosthwaite Park is shown as greenfield, but is substantially developed as far a Number 32 on the 1870 maps.  Numbers 1-32 are the houses on both sides of the actual green area, with the even numbers on the East side, and the odd numbers on the West side. 

Crosthwaite Park South is shown as partly developed on the 1908 maps, replacing an earlier house called Crosthwaite Park.  Only the north side is developed at that point.

All of the above houses are protected structures in the DLRCOCO Development Plan

The remaining houses date from the mid 20th century.

John Crosthwaite(1794-1884) the developer of Crosthwaite Park was a chairman of Kingstown Town Commissioners, and lived at Crosthwaite Hall, Lower Glenageary Road for some time.  Among other things, he built the Royal Victorian Baths at Queens Road.  These baths were demolished in the early years of the 20th century to facilitate the widening of the road.  He was also responsible for the development of sea baths at Salthill, now long gone.  He laid the foundation stone for the Courthouse and Town Hall, designed by John Loftus Robinson.

Local residents have included:-

Bob Geldorf

Joshua Pim

John Millington Synge