Foster Place is shown on Griffith's valuation of the 1850s as having 11 dwellings.  Judging by the valuation shown, these are poor quality houses, but better than some of the "court" type housing.

It is notable that 3 of the occupants were lessors of adjacent premises on the street.  One, in particular, Henry Foster, owned the three best dwellings on the street, and it is likely that the place is called after him.

Charles Halliday's list shows Fosters Court as 8 cottages.

The 1901 census shows it as Foster's Place with 5 2-roomed dwellings and shows 27 occupants. The 1901 census also shows Foster's Court as having 5 dwellings and 15 occupants

The 1911 census shows 5 occupied 2-roomed dwellings plus 2 vacant, and shows 19 occupants

Foster Place was off Cumberland St, between number 10 and 11, close to the present location of Brendella Skirts.