Haddington Terrace is a mainly residential cul-de-sac at the seaward end of Adelaide Terrace, overlooking the East Pier of the harbour.  The east end of the Terrace is entirely occupied by the Kingston Hotel, including bar and restaurant.

The buildings are all on the landward side of the terrace - there are gardens on the seaward side.

Haddington Terrace is not mentioned in the 1835 directories, but appears in the Griffiths Valuation (Extract above)  of the 1850s as a terrace of 12 houses.

The high valuations attributed to these is indicative of high-quality 3-storey terraced houses.  Thomas Tilly, the Leaseholder lived at Henrietta Street Dublin.

Houses number 9,10, 11, and 12 are now occupied by the Kingston Hotel.  House number 12 was placed at the end of the cul-de-sac and the front of this house faced the terrace, while the side of the house faced seaward on the adjacent Victoria Terrace.  It appears that Lady Blayney owned the gardens accross the road, leading down to the railway.

Lady Blayney is believed to have been the wife of the 11th Lord Blayney, the family which owned much of Castleblayney.  He died 1834 following a distinguished military career. 

Following is the genealogy of Lady Blayney

Mabella Alexander b. 7 August 1775, d. 4 March 1854, #131053
Father     James Alexander, 1st Earl of Caledon b. before 1759

Mother Anne CrawfurdMabella Alexander was born on 7 August 1775.

She was the daughter of James Alexander, 1st Earl of Caledon and Anne Crawfurd. She married Lt.-Gen. Andrew Thomas Blayney, 11th Lord Blayney, Baron of Monaghan, son of Lt.-Gen. Cadwallader Blayney, 9th Lord Blayney, Baron of Monaghan and Elizabeth Tipping, on 5 July 1796 in Caledon House, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland. She died on 4 March 1854 at age 78 in Kingstown, County Dublin, Ireland. As a result of her marriage, Mabella Alexander was styled as Baroness Blayney on 5 July 1796. From 5 July 1796, her married name became Blayney.Family Lt.-Gen. Andrew Thomas Blayney, 11th Lord Blayney, Baron of Monaghan b. 30 November 1770, d. 8 April 1834

1.             Child                 Cadwallader Davis Blayney, 12th Lord Blayney, Baron of Monaghan b. 19 Dec 1802, d. 18 Jan 1874

Source  http://www.proni.gov.uk/records/private/blayney.htm

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