Kingstown(1821-1830) - Chronology of events

The name of Kingstown was applied to the town following the visit to the town of George III of Britain in 1821.

The name change to Dun Laoghaire was proposed and accepted in 1920, but was not fully effected immediately (1921 for the town) (1924 for the harbour)

1821-30 1831-40 1841-50 1851-60 1861-70
1871-80 1881-90 1891-1900 1901-10 1911-21

Visit of George IV to Kingstown

Town renamed as Kingstown

1822 Lieutenant William Hutchinson (1793-1881) appointed as first Harbourmaster
1823 George IV obelisk on Harbour Road (later renamed as Queens Road) unveiled
1824 The Hulk Essex moored in Kingstown as a convict ship, mainly holding convicts awaiting deportation - it continued until about 1837
1825 "Bill for enlarging Powers of Commissioners for erecting Harbour for Ships to eastward of Dunleary (Kingstown) in Port of Dublin" passed in Westminster
1826 First recorded service in St Michael's Church (RC) - the church was not finally finished until 1835

First Kingstown Regatta

Death of James Crofton, builder and first Harbour Commissioner

"Scots Church" (Presbyterian) opened on York Road. the building later became Kingstown Grammar School when the later Presbyterian was built across the road

1829 Kingstown RC parish established.  Rev Bartholomew Sheridan was first Parish Priest

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