Knapton Road is a residential road of substantial houses joining the southern end of York Road to The Slopes.

The title Baron Knapton is associated with the deVesci or Vesey family of Abbeyleix, who were landlords in the area. The title of Baron Knapton was created in the Peerage of Ireland in 1750 for the first Viscount's de Vesci's father Sir John Vesey.  The deVesci or Vesey family of Abbeyleix,  were landlords in the area.

Samuel Bewley, the noted Dublin coffee merchant and developer of a chain of cafes in the city of Dublin lived in Knapton Road.

OPUS Dei, the Catholic organisation demonised in the bestseller, 'The Da Vinci Code', has established a significant centre on Knapton Road.  The centre is largely unmarked, but appears to have an administrative role as well as being home to some resident members.