19 Monkstown Farm is one of three houses which has kept its Victorian character

Monkstown Farm is a short road off Monkstown Avenue.  However, the title "Monkstown Farm" is frequently used to include a series of other roads including Oliver Plunkett Road, Oliver Plunkett Square, Oliver Plunkett Avenue Dunedin Terrace, St Patrick's Crescent, and other adjacent roads.

The area now occupied by Monkstown Farm and all of the adjacent roads was the farm associated with Monkstown Castle.  All maps up to and including 1860 show the area as open fields, but by 1870, the road named Monkstown Farm is shown, with some houses on both sides.  The rest of the road is laid out in plots, ready for construction.  By 1908, there were buildings as far ass the present site of the Credit Union.  All houses and shops beyond that point are of later vintage.

The "Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah Witnesses" at Monkstown Farm was constructed over a weekend by a group of about 500 members of that church in the 1980s

Most of the houses in the wider area called "Monkstown Farm" were constructed by the local authority in the 1930s

Chinese Take-away with appropriate name at Monkstown Farm Marian Statue at Monkstown Farm