Mosaphir Terrace is a terrace of 4 houses on Corrig Road, between Clarinda Park East and Clarinda Park West. The origins of the name of the Terrace are obscure but one owner was told it is an Urdu word!

It is not shown on maps of 1860 but first appears on the maps of 1870

In the 1901 census they were all listed as having 8 rooms and were classified as 2nd class.

In 1911, it had 18 residents.  The number of rooms listed varied between 10 and 13.  (was this the addition of extensions or just a different enumerator who counted every tiny space as a room??)... Houses 1-3 were classified as 1st class houses.  House no 4 was 2nd class.  The resident of House No 3 had the unlikely name of Theophilus Fred K Walter Ricketts, with the occupation described as "Retired Army Infantry Captain Jun 2 Clerk Lunacy Depart ? Dublin"