O'Carroll's Court is listed in the 1911 census as having 2 3-room dwellings and 6 inhabitants.

The 1901 census shows 1 house with 3 people

Two places called O'Carrolls Court are listed in the Griffith's valuation, both at the rear of houses on Rumley Avenue (Mulgrave St)

  • O Carrolls Court No 1 at rere of 5 Rumley Avenue had 8 dwellings, of which 7 were owned by a John Ryan.  The eightth was owned by Peter O'Carroll.
  • O Carrolls Court No 2 at rere of 6 Rumley Avenue had 4 dwellings, all of which were owned by Peter O'Carroll.
  • Peter O'Carroll lived at No 7 Rumley Avenue.  No 6 was occupied by Peter O'Carroll's lodgers.  Number 5 was owned by John Ryan
  • The location of these buildings is shown on the map (right)