Royal Terrace East is the East side of a rectangular park off Tivoli Road.  It was built in the 1860s, originally as 16 semi-detached houses.  Myrtle Park, an extension of Royal Terrace East is a 20th century development

The developer of Royal Terrace was Francis J. Nugent, a prominent businessman and onetime member of the Kingstown Commissioners. Nugent had acquired rights to the land from Lords Longford and De Vesci (See figure 3).
Royal Terrace West was the first of the two terraces to be constructed and was completed between 1859 and 1861. In contrast, Royal Terrace East was constructed in fits and starts (numbers 1-10 were built and occupied by 1863 while the rest of the terrace was only fully occupied by 1866).
As can be seen from the 1866 Ordnance Survey Map the two terraces are virtually parallel to each other and the intervening park is more or less equilateral. It is not known if the two terraces were intended to be developed to the same length but the extended avenue on the east side suggests that more houses were intended. By 1911 The Cottage Home is shown to the north of Royal Terrace House. Further development of the square did not take place until the middle of the twentieth century. The park of Royal Terrace remained undeveloped until a hockey pitch was laid out in 1922. This was the home of Monkstown Hockey club until 1989 when the land was sold to Dún Laoghaire Borough Corporation.