1. This site, “Annals of Dun Laoghaire” is intended for recording history of Dun Laoghaire/Kingstown and environs.
  2. For purposes of this site history is a description of events and the environment of periods from the earliest times up to the date of posting, and of the people and places associated with those events.
  3. The site is intended for Dun Laoghaire/Kingstown and environs (Dun Laoghaire, Monkstown, Mounttown, Glasthule, Glenageary, Sallynoggin) but items from other areas in South-east Dublin may also be posted
  4. This site, “Annals of Dun Laoghaire” is being established by a group of founders who will maintain editorial control. It is hoped that contributors will adopt the rules and templates of this site, and that editorial control will be light touch. Editorial decisions of the founders will be final. It is hoped that following an establishment period, the site could become a Wiki, in which editorial control is mainly exercised by peer contributors.
  5. The editors may (a) remove an article or portion of an article or (b) place a comment on an article, indicating that it does not satisfy the editorial standards of the site, and/or suggesting how it may be modified to satisfy such standards
  6. For an initial period, it is recommended that pages of the Annals of Dun Laoghaire should conform to either of the templates will be made available.  See below for the template types and how they should be used.
  7. The Annals will not be used for advertising of events, products, services, etc.  No current advertising of any type, explicit or implied, will be permitted, but images of old advertisements are welcomed in their historical context.  This rule does not prevent advertising on the peripheral panels surrounding the Annals
  8. The Annals will not be used to promote future plans. The site will not be used to promote future plans of any organisation or individual, but plans which have been appropriately (to be defined!) submitted elsewhere may be described here, provided that they are presented in a neutral fashion, fairly and without bias.
  9. The Annals will not be used to promote political, religious or other views of any organisation, club, institution or other grouping.  However, a historical record of any such entity may be posted, provided that it is written from a neutral point of view, fairly and without bias.
  10. Where possible, the content of pages should be supported by reference to sources which are external to this site.  In every case, the content of pages should be linked to other relevant pages within this site.
  11. Authors within this site recognise that they do not individually have ownership of pages within the site; other authors may add to existing pages, alter them, or in exceptional cases, delete information.  Where an “edit war” occurs (i.e. where contributors cannot come to a consensus regarding the content of a page, an editorial dispute procedure will be applied (describe?).
  12. The above rules and guidelines are additional to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, a link to which is found on each edit page of this site.