There is some confusion regarding the location of Sexton's Court


There is no listing for Sexton's Court in Griffith's Valuation 1849

Halliday's report lists Sextons Court as having 4 cottages.  It appears to indicate that it is in the region of Cumberland St

Browne's report lists one Sextons Court on Clarence Street with 4 houses, and also one in Lr George's St with 5 houses

The 1901 census lists two places called Sexton's Court in Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire).  One is on Cumberland Street and has 5 houses with 17 occupants. The other one has 19 dwellings (many are listed as tenaments) and 117 occupants

The 1911 census lists sexton's Court as having 7 1-roomed dwellings with 43 occupants