Summerhill Road is a continuation of Upper George's Street in the direction of Glasthule.

Starting from the spot where the main gates of the people's park now stands, there were the following in 1849 - all on the northern side of the road (the south side was open fields):-

  • The quarry - there were 4 acres of quarry, and when the quarry was eventually exhausted, it became The Peoples Park
  • The Martello Tower - at the east side of the quarry there was a Martello tower, which disappeared some time before 1870.  It's location would now be just inside the east fence of the park.  It was used for some time by the people undertaking the valuation
  • Rochelle Cottage (No 87)
  • Mount Vernon - three houses, of which the third one was the most valuable (84-86)
  • Summerhill -A group of houses on Summerhill Road is shown as "Summerhill" in Griffiths Valuation (1849), and is shown there as 6 houses no 78-83 of Main Street, Glasthule. These are large houses, 2-storey over basement. 
  • The railway bridge
  • Raven Lodge - a group of 3 houses (75-77)
  • Islington Terrace - a group of 3 houses (72-74)

Taken together, the above are now all parts of Summerhill Road.

In 1901 there were 28 buildings (including railway stn & church) recorded with a population of 95 occupants

By 1911, the number of occupants had increased to 119.