Tivoli Terrace North is the North side of a rectangle on the east side of York Road.  It joins York Road just opposite the Presbyterian Church.

Tivoli Terrace North first appears on maps in the 1860s, although the building on the corner at York Road, long predates that.

The building on the corner of York Road (41a york road) is shown on 1837 maps as "Scots Church".  It was built in the 1830s to serve the growing Presbyterian congregation in the Dun Laoghaire Kingstown area.  There is a bend in Tivoli Terrace North to skirt around the site.  Later it was the Kingstown Grammar School, and ultimately the school became included within what is now Newpark Comprehensive.

The road listed as Tivoli Terrace on Griffith's Valuation (1849) is now named as Tivoli Terrace South, which is older than Tivoli Terrace North.  Tivoli Terrace North is not shown.  Nor is it shown on maps of the 1850s, which show Tivoli Terrace (south).  It is, however shown on a map about 1870 with 11 houses.

In 1901, there were 22 houses (129 occupants) with a very mixed cross-section of the population as occupiers.  A number of the houses had more than one family.

By 1911, there were 24 houses (117 occupants).  Those houses which had multiple occupancy 10 years earlier, now had much less crowding.

About 5 infill houses have been added in the 20th century, bringing the total to about 29.