Vesey Place in 2014.  No 6 is on the extreme left    The Plantagenet Roll shows that the ladies opposite are direct descendants of Edward III  August 1903 at 6 Vesey Place. From left are Miss Chafy, Mrs. Hugh Chafy and Mrs. Arthur Shirley. Picture supplied by Martha Beirne,  August 1903 at 6 Vesey Place.  Miss Chafy, Mrs. Arthur Shirley, Commander A. Shirley and Mrs. Hugh Chafy. Picture supplied by Martha Beirne,  Vesey Place is a Victorian terrace with a private shared lawn or park off York Road

Vesey Place was built in the 1860s, and named after the Vesey (de Vesci) family who were landlords of the area.  It has changed little since then except for the fact that the houses have lost their very long back gardens as a road (Knapton Lawn)  was developed behind them

Vesey Place has 21 houses of which Nos 1-10 and No 21 are on larger sites than the others.  However, Nos 11-21 have 3 storeys over basement, giving them quite a large floor area.

In 1901 there were 127 occupants.  In 1911 there were 88.  Much of the reduction was due to a reduction in numbers of servants and service staff, but some of the reduction is due to the fact that 3 houses were vacant in 1911, compared with 1 in 1901.

Pictures from No 6 Vesey Place taken in 1903 give an indication of the lifestyle.