Griffith's Valuation (1849) shows White's Court at the rear of No 7 Paradise Avenue, which was renamed as Paradise Row (Convent Road).  No 7 Paradise Avenue is the house of "Thomas White & Lodgers" and the lessor is Rev Bartholomew Sheridan, Parish Priest of Kingstown.  Whites Court lists Thomas White as the lessor of these 6 dwellings.

The houses were numbered from the Cross Avenue end of the road.  The map shows the approximate position.

Halliday's report shows White's Court as having 14 cottages off Paradise Row (Convent Road).  He also notes another White's Court off Clarence Street

White's Court is shown in the 1901 census as 5 1-roomed 3rd class dwellings and 1 3-roomed dwelling.  There are with 17 occupants.  The census enumerator has noted that Whites Court is off Paradise Row (Convent Road)

In Browne's Report it is shown as having 2 WCs and 1 ashpit as sanitation.

White's Court is shown in the 1911 census as 3 1-roomed 3rd class dwellings with 12 occupants.