Windsor Terrace is a sea-facing road from the railway bridge at Victoria Baths to Martello Terrace.  It is shown on the map (Right) as part of Newtownsmith.

The configuration of Windsor Terrace, and the adjacent Newtownsmith changed significantly in the period 1918-1922.

As at say 1900, the western end of Windsor Terrace was a very narrow laneway leading from the railway bridge.  On the seaward side of the laneway, approximately opposite where Teddy's Ice Cream now stands, there were 3 large houses, in addition to the houses which are currently there on the landward side.  The car park and promenade now opposite Windsor Terrace did not exist - instead, there was rocky foreshore.

So the censuses of 1901 and 1911 include the seaward side houses.

The 1901 census shows 21 houses with 86 occupants (Note - in the census extract online, Windsor is mis-spelt as Winsor.)

The 1911 census shows 19 houses with 80 occupants.

At the moment, there are 16 houses.