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Welcome to LocalWiki for the Duluth / Superior area, a.k.a. Twin Ports. This is a non-profit, collaborative effort to connect local people with shared interests, share knowledge about the community, and highlight unique aspects of our area.

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Duluth / Superior Life

Enjoyment:  City Parks, Nature areasRecreation, Gardening, Museums, LibrariesSports

Community: About Twin PortsNeighborhoods, Get InvolvedLocal media, Support groups, Pets & Animals, Local food, Housing, Duluth City Government.

Getting around: Bicycling, Transportation

Mind, Body & Soul

Higher Education, K-12, Adult Ed, Seniors Ed, Fitness, Foreign languagesMusic EdHealth Services, Mental Health, Alternative Healing, Crafts, Writing

Entertainment & Culture 

For listings, see Events Listings

Places: CinemaConcert venuesTheaterPoetry, Dance,  OperaArt Galleries,

People: Artists, musicians/bands,

Food & Drink

Restaurants, Coffee and TeaBreweriesBakeries

Best Places for...

Eye Glasses, Picture FramingBooks, HardwareLocally Made Goods, Shoe Repair, Tree Care, Ice Cream

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