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Who is the Durham Canning Society

Durham based home canning enthusiasts sharing ideas and resources for pickling, fermenting, canning and drying and preserving food using local resources where possible.

A foodie friendship circle that shares the love of growing, harvesting and canning our own food. We trade recipes, ideas, porch sit and shell mountains of beans or process tomatoes late into the night. We invite other canners to join us by sending us your questions, ideas and pictures of your favorite recipes.

What We Do

We share ideas about the kitchen tools canning equipment, best recipes, cookbooks and recipes as well as sources for spices, fresh ingredients, local farm/orchard availability information. 
We also "endorse" local producers, our favorite market stands, fish markets and suppliers in North Carolina.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to share our enthusiasm for fermenting, canning and preserving fresh produce that uses that uses local resources where possible.History

This can be long or short. Who built the neighborhood? Has it changed over time?

Trends: What is going on now in the neighborhood? Nothing? New development?

Online Community

  • Visit us on Facebook Facebook/durhamcanningsociety  or Twitter @durhamcanningso


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