A pack of friendly dogs greet a newcomer at Piney Wood Dog Park.




Piney Wood Dog Park

The Piney Wood Dog Park is an off-leash, outdoor space located in the heart of Piney Wood Park. The facility, operated and maintained by the City of Durham, is surrounded by athletic fields, playgrounds, and a covered, public picnic area.



Piney Wood Dog Park boasts three separate areas for canines to explore. Each area is accessible through a set of gates. This requires an owner to enter a secure, enclosed, fenced-in space to unleash a dog prior to entering the main play area. These measures help to ensure safety and prevent dogs from straying too far from their caretakers. 

A water pump, located near the entrance of the large dog area, and water bowls scattered throughout all areas, allow pet owners to ensure adequate hydration for dogs. Trash cans and waste bags are available throughout the dog park and owners are expected to pick up after their canines. 


Small Dog Area

The small dog area is available to dogs measuring 15 inches or shorter and which weigh 30 pounds or less. The space is grass-covered and includes a bench for owners to relax. Lawn chairs are also welcome.

Large Dog Area

The large dog area is designated for canines which measure 15 inches or more and weigh 30 or more pounds. The area has a large sand pit which dries quickly after rain. This helps prevent mud puddles from forming. Large sections of this area include mature trees, providing shading for both animals and humans alike. There are two benches and two picnic tables for owners to enjoy.

Program Area

The program area, which separates the small and large dog areas, is open to all dogs. It can be reserved for specific groups or activities and, therefore, is sometimes occupied by these groups for special events.


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Location, Parking, Hours

The Piney Wood Dog Park is located at 400 E. Woodcroft Pkwy. Parking is available throughout the park, with additional parking located by the athletic fields. Public restrooms are located near the covered picnic area. The park is open from dawn until dusk. 



To ensure a healthy environment for all dogs, each canine must be properly registered and must wear a current Dog Park tag. This rule applies to all canines, regardless of whether or not the owner is a Durham County resident.

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Visitors enjoy the shade in the Small Dog Area.



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