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Tree Associates are arborists who provide expert opinion regarding landscape trees in Elk Grove, Sacramento County and surrounding areas of northern California. They provide a wide range of tree services concerning tree preservation, appraisal and management to a diverse clientele. Their services include tree surveys, tree risk and root damage evaluation, tree health assessment, tree preservation plans, tree appraisal, expert witness testimony and forensic expert services. Their clientele include insurance companies and adjusters, attorneys, governmental agencies, developers, landscape architects, homeowners associations and homeowners.


Permit for tree removal in Elk Grove, CA

As part of my role as City Arborist with the City of Elk Grove, I review tree permit applications. Tree permits are required to remove or develop around trees within the City. Sometimes the evaluations are easy, as was the case with this dead valley oak.



Trees damaged by car crash in Wilton, CA

Several trees in Wilton, California were damaged or destroyed when a vehicle veered off Walmort Road, drove through a fence and crashed into the trees. The insurance company hired Tree Associates to assess damage and provide an appraisal of the loss in value of the trees.


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