Eugene can seem like a pretty quiet town at night, particularly if you don't live near campus. Most stores and restaurants seem to close up at 9PM. However there are lots of things to do in Eugene at night, you just have to search them out a bit.

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Note that some restaurants have slightly different hours during summer.

Restaurants open past 10pm every night

  • Applebee's - 1am Friday and Saturday, otherwise 11pm
  • IHOP - 4am Wednesday through Saturday, otherwise midnight

Restaurants past 10pm Some nights

Fast food past 10pm

Delivery past 10pm


Places to study past 10pm


Random things to do past 10pm

Watch the Game - Sports Bars


  • [Southtowne Lanes] 'til 12am Mon-Thu, 'til 1am Fri-Sat, 11pm Sunday
  • [Strike City Lanes] 'til 12am Sun-Thu, 'til 1am Fri-Sat
  • [Emerald Lanes] 'til 11am Mon-Thu, 'til 12am Fri-Sat, 10pm Sunday



see Pool Tables

Video Games


DDR stands for Dance Dance Revolution. It's very amusing video game to watch.

Air hockey

  • [Strike City Lanes] 'til 12am Sun-Thu, 'til 1am Fri-Sat


also see Trivia Nights


See Gambling


See Gyms.

Movies & Video Stores

Video Stores

See Video Stores

Free Movies

Theatres with Late Films



(see Dancing)

Live Music

(see Music Scene)


The Cooler Thursdays 9PM to midnight Diablo's Downtown Lounge Tuesdays Black Forest Tuesdays? Legend Sports Lounge ??? Peabody's Pub ??? Taylor's Bar & Grille Tuesdays Green Olive Restaurant Thursdays The Keg ??? Rennie's Landing ???

Open Mic Night

  • Monroe Street Cafe Every Wednesday at 7PM (call to confirm)
  • Mulligan's Pub - Wednesdays and Sundays at 9PM (call to confirm)
  • [" Eugene Coffee Company] Second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7pm

Happy Hour

  • This hour is so happy, it has its own food and drink pages.