There are many beaches along the western shore of Lake Michigan and Lighthouse Beach is one of five beaches -- Clark Street Beach, Greenwood Street Beach, Lee Street Beach, South Boulevard Beach, and Lighthouse Beach -- located in Evanston, Illinois. Lighthouse Beach is a great place for swimming, watching the sunset, picnicking, and family activities. It is near the historic Grosse Point Lighthouse, which was built in 1873 to prevent boating accidents on the lake. Besides the interesting view of the historic tower, visitors can enjoy guided tours of the Grosse Point Lighthouse National Landmark throughout the year. Lighthouse Beach is open to the public during the summer season, from late May until Labor Day, and there is an admission fee for beach access. Lawrence O. Lawson Park and Noah's Playground are adjacent to the beach and they are popular recreational spots for visitors and residents of Evanston. Free parking is available near the beach but the parking lot has limited space. For more information:

Grosse Point Lighthouse.