What do you know about Cape Fear River Trail?

Cape Fear River Trail


If you are a nature enthusiast visiting Fayetteville, North Carolina, the Cape Fear River Trail is the perfect destination. Situated in the North end of town the trail features captivating views of the Cape Fear River in addition to a 700 plants and animal species.


The Cape Fear Trail is a lush gem nestled along the river. Visitors can take advantage of 10 foot paved terrain, wooden walkways, covered bridges, in addition to winding trails. The trail spans about 5.3 miles from Jordan Soccer Complex to Clark Park. Many visitors get a kick out of various activities like biking, running, walking, sightseeing, roller blading, and even skateboarding. The peaceful scenery mixed with breathtaking views make the trail a must see if you are in the area.


Extension/Future Projects

There have been plans set in place for an extension of the trail that will connect with Linear Park trail. The extension will total to around 10+ miles creating a route that will have something for everyone. Visitors will be captivated with lush winding shaded trails that will pass through suburban neighborhoods, which will take you to a wooden walkway through the wetlands back into the canopy of trees and surrounding creeks and rivers, eventually leading to downtown Fayetteville. This trail will be by far the largest of the parks and recreation spaces in the area but it is also to be a part of something much larger. Like the great Appalachian Trail, the Cape Fear River Trail will be a part of what is known as the East Coast Greenway. The Greenway is a collection of trials that will span the east coast running all the way Maine to Key West.


Future Economic growth

The Trail will bring some revenue to business once the last installation is complete. Many local business owners will see an increase of visitors when the trail extends to downtown. Local bike and recreation shops should see an increase in traffic as people would start to get out more. In other news, restaurant’s and beverage establishments will see an increase in traffic as people pass thru to refresh and rehydrate.